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2008 - 2009

Dan Allen Teacher of Excellence

Superintendent Terry Pearcy with Teacher of Excellence Award Recipient for 2009 Dan Allen

It is a pleasure, and an honor, to have the opportunity to write this testimonial for tonight's Sullivan Community Education Foundation Teacher of Excellence nominee. I only wish that I could be there to present the award personally. However, just like this teacher, one of my many school responsibilities prevents me from fulfilling that duty. The honor of being called Teacher of Excellence has been given to many of Sullivan's finest staff members over the years. Tonight's nominee has many similar, yet different, characteristics as previous honorees - the characteristics of an excellent teacher!

I first want to describe those characteristics that I believe should be represented by a true teacher of excellence. Excellent teachers are first known as those who are properly certified, participate in continuing professional development, and demonstrate acceptable teaching practices. In the classroom they follow the recommended script of establishing set, stating the objectives, providing effective instruction, and demonstrating knowledge of subject matter.
They use a variety of instructional methods and materials, check for comprehension, model ideal behavior, provide guided practice, provide for independent exploration and achieve proper closure of a lesson or topic. They manage both student behavior and their classroom effectively and efficiently.

There are many teachers who possess the ability to follow this script, and who follow it well. But, that alone does not make them an excellent teacher. A teacher of excellence does more than what is expected by the contract or what is printed on the evaluation form. They volunteer to help students before and after school. They volunteer for committee work. They pitch in and cover an extra class or two when substitute teachers are hard to find. They help out whenever, and wherever, they are needed - without hesitation.

A teacher of excellence will challenge their peers and supervisors when they feel that things could, and should, be done differently to help students. They not only call for change, they suggest ways to accomplish that change. Tonight's nominee has helped to facilitate change in our building by doing just that - Thinking of Students First! In short, excellent teachers motivate students. Excellent teachers communicate with students. Excellent teachers develop positive relationships with students. Once again, your colleague of whom I talk this evening, represents all of these ideals.

Mr. Dan Allen is one of our social studies teachers. He has served as our student council sponsor and as scholastic bowl coach at Sullivan High School. He has donated his time and efforts in helping with the coordination of our service learning/recycling program and has single­handedly introduced and instituted our ever popular "Student Fun Night" activities. For those who don't know, "Fun Night" is a popular evening of games, DVD's, sports, and other activities at the school as opposed to other not-so-positive student choices that may occur on the weekend nights. Most importantly, he has spoken out against unacceptable behavior that negatively affects some of our students. Mr. Allen tells students to Choose Right and Choose Wisely! Not only does he encourage students to make the right choices, he models those very behaviors.

An excellent teacher and an excellent person, it is my pleasure to honor Mr. Dan Allen as the 2008-2009 Teacher of Excellence!

Stu Hott, High School Principal

Dan Allen and Terry Pearch, Superintendent
Dan Allen receiving award

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