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2009 - 2010

Teacher of Excellence, Mary Ann Hecht

Principal Rita Florey and Teacher of Excellence Award Recipient

2009 - 2010

Mary Ann Hecht

I would like to nominate Mary Ann Hecht for the “Sullivan Teacher of Excellence” Award.  Mrs. Hecht has been a kindergarten teacher in the Sullivan School District for the past 24 years.  It has been my pleasure to work with Mrs. Hecht for the past 20 years as a fellow educator.

Mrs. Hecht puts a great deal of time into her job as an educator of young children.  Her exceptional organizational skills, creativity and caring personality make the learning environment in her classroom calm and accepting.  She truly cares about the children in our school district.  The students in her classroom rise to her expectations year after year and thrive under her direction.  Mrs. Hecht’s patience and relentless efforts to work with parents to provide their children with an education is exemplary.  She believes that every child is the most important student in her class.

Mrs. Hecht has been a leader and loyal member of the staff at Sullivan Elementary School.  Her greatest strength is her positive infectious attitude.  She is always willing to help her students and their parents, her administrator, and her colleagues.  This past August, her friend and colleague Mrs. Sinkler, had to miss the first six weeks of school due to her daughter’s illness.  Mrs. Hecht single handedly got Mrs. Sinkler’s room ready for the first day of school as well as her own room.  This is quite a task at the elementary level and especially at the kindergarten level where most things are teacher made and hands-on.  She assisted the substitute with lesson plans and phoned Mrs. Sinkler frequently to see if their was anything else she could do to help.  I did not ask her to do any of this…she simply walked in and did it.  Her compassion and humility are admirable.

In addition she is a member of the Leadership Team at SES, has served on the Superintendent’s Cabinet and other curricular committees.  She has always jumped in and learned to use any available technology, she volunteers to help as a chaperone for our students each summer during the Special Olympics, she has taught summer school and has taught a session of the summer College for Kids through Lakeland College.  Mrs. Hecht has also had several practicum students and student teachers during her 24 years as an educator.This is what some of our 5-year-olds had to say about their teacher, Mrs. Hecht:

  • I like Mrs. Hecht because she likes to teach kids.
  • I like Mrs. Hecht when she reads.
  • I like it when she doesn’t make me put my head down.
  • I like Mrs. Hecht because she likes to do the puppy song with us.
  • I like it when she gives us stars all over our papers.
  • I like Mrs. Hecht when she teaches us about dinosaurs and because she likes ME!

Mrs. Hecht is truly someone to be admired.  She loves children and is an incredible example of a teacher who is always thinking of students first.  Her sincerity is immediately evident and her love for children is deep.  She is humble and always ready to lend a hand or give out positive encouragement.

George Elliot said, “Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.” 

Mrs. Hecht is that kind of a blessing to the children in our school district.  She is that one true, loving soul that makes children believe in themselves so they can soar. 

Rita Florey, Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Florey, Principal
Mary Ann Hecht, Teacher of the Year

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