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2010 - 2011

Teacher of Exellence, Samantha Isaacs

Principal Stu Hot and Teacher of Excellence Award Recipient

2010 - 2011

Samantha Isaacs

It is my pleasure and my honor to introduce tonight’s Teacher of Excellence.  This teacher has made Sullivan High School, and the Sullivan School District, a better place for students.  The positive traits that this teacher possesses, truly allows them to say that they are “Thinking of Students First!”

This teacher is a voice for students with staff members, administration, and parents.  They have not only done the job expected of them during the day, but have spent many nights and even weekends, advocating for students.  Many of the students that this teacher has helped would not have earned their diplomas without the help they were given.  Many of those students have returned to SHS to thank this teacher directly and to tell me personally how much that teacher cared about them and how that teacher positively affected them as students.  I have seen this teacher help students before and after school, volunteer for homebound instruction, help out around the building with whatever needs to be done, and many times fill in for extra-curricular supervision when needed.

When discussing teachers of excellence in the past, I have always discussed the traits of an excellent teacher: Motivating students, communicating with all involved, fostering appropriate, positive relationships with students, and managing the classroom effectively.  This teacher, as with the previous award winners, shares all of these traits.  I have seen this teacher use personal money to assist students, use a personal vehicle to get students to and from school, volunteer to stay with students until a parent can be located or contacted, and even bring students to my office to either apologize for something they have done or to brag about a classroom accomplishment.  I LOVE to see this staff member headed my way with a student!!!

Students are not the only beneficiaries of the dedication displayed by this staff member.  They have helped to facilitate needed change in our building, have helped new teachers become better teachers, and have helped everyone by serving on various committees both in the building, and in the district.  Probably the most rewarding thing I have seen this staff member accomplish has been teaching two high school students to read.   In both cases, she recognized the shortfall, approached me with a solution, and individually worked with the students for over a semester each to teach them to read.  And, she is not even trained in being a Reading teacher!  Through acts like these and through other acts, I have come to admire this teacher more and more throughout our years together.  Her dedication, commitment to her profession, work ethic, and caring attitude for all are at the excellent level.

At this time I call Samantha Isaacs forward to accept her Community Education Foundation Teacher of Excellence Award!


Stu Hott, High School Principal

Teacher of Excellence - Samantha Isaacs
Samantha Isaacs, Teacher of Excellence


Samantha Isaacs


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