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The donations received by SCEF are awarded in the form of grants. Below is a list of grants awarded in 2017.


Major Grant Recipients - 2017

Major Grant Recipients 2017

Front Row (Left to Right): Cindy Yoder, Heather Wilson

Second Row (Left to Right): Micah Stickels, Lynda Bradford, Susan Rauch, Tonya Rose, Judy Sumner for Paul Stone, Troy Rogers and Nicole Garrett

Major Grant Award


Touchscreen Computer and Software

To automate child sign-in/ sign-out, leave notes, etc

Sullivan Preschool - Tonya Rose

Sullivan Preschool - Tonya Rose



Digitize Microfilm

40 rolls from Sullivan News Progress and 4 rolls from other newspapers

Moultrie County Historical & Genealogical Society - Judy Sumner for Paul Stone

Historical Society




Eight Labquest Stream Units

For use in 6th - 8th grade science classes

Troy Rogers & Nicole Garrett

Rogers and Garrett



Flexible Seating Options for Classroom

Variety of chairs, rugs, bean bags, stools, balls, tables, etc.

Heather Wilson, Cindy Yoder, Micah Stickels


Healther Wilson, Cindy Yoder, Micah Stickels



Ten computers and monitors, three projectors and a variety of accessories

For use by consumers with developmental disabilities

Moultrie County Beacon - Lynda Bradford & Susan Rauch

Moultrie County Beacon



Mini Grant Recipients - 2017

2017 Mini-Grant Recipients

Left to Right: Rita Florey, Michelle Nolan and Kathi Schackles

Mini Grant Award




Transportable library to use throughout the community -- Bookmobile

Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library

Michelle Nolan

Michelle Nolan for Titus Library

$  346.89


Flexible seating options for classroom

Two balance balls, four wobble cushions, six scoop rockers, six wobble chairs, two balance ball chairs



$  750.00


PA System and Projector

For use with educational presentations, meetings, etc.

Mid-Illinois Senior Services - Kathi Shackles


Kathy Shackles for Mid-Illinois Senior Services

$  850.00


Transportation for use by students, seniors, and those seeking employment

Central Illinois Public Transit

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, Central Illinois Public Transit

$  975.00


Hand in Hand Kids Camp - Summer camp for students with autism

Rita Florey for Christine Grohler

Rita Florey accepting for Christine Grohler

$ 995.00


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