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One Book One - Reading Book Selection


Discussion Dates -

Wednesday, January 13th, 5:30 p.m. in the Middle School Library

Tuesday January 19th, 6:30 p.m. at the Coffee Bean



And the chosen book is...................

"Elephant Run"  by Roland Smith


"Elephant Run" is chosen as the One Book One choice for 2009 - 2010.  The following description was quoted from the back of the book ALSA Best Book for Young Adults.

In 1941, bombs drop from the night sky of London, demolishing the apartment Nick Freestone lives in with his mother.  Deciding the situation in England is too unstable, Nick's mother sends him to live with his father in Burma, hoping he'll be safer on the family's teak plantation.
     But as soon as Nick arrives, trouble erupts in the remote Burmese village.  Japanese soldiers invade, and Nick's father is taken prisoner.  Nick is stranded on the plantation, forced to work as a servant to the new rulers.  As life in the village grows more dangerous for Nick and his young friend Mya, they palan their daring escape.  Setting off on elephantback, they risk their lives to save Nick's father and Mya's brothere from a Japanese POW camp.
     In this thrilling journey through the jungles of Burma, Roland Smith explores the far-reaching effects of World War II, while introducing readers to the fascinating world of wild timber elephants and their mahouts.

One Book One students encourage everyone to secure a copy of "Elephant Run," read it and discuss it with a friend.



One Book One students at Sullivan Middle School narrowed their choice of books to the following four:

  • "Crossing the Wire" by Will Hobbs

  • "The White Giraffe" by Lauren St. John

  • "Elephant Run" by Roland Smith

  • "Someone Named Eva" by Joan M. Wolf

They are very excited about these choices and are once again having heated discussions, trying to "fight" for the book they want to see presented!  They very confident that any one of the four books listed above would be an excellent choice to present to our community.

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